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Lee Peterson is an Image Specialist Lee Peterson obtained his degrees in physics from University of Washington, BS in Psychology and BS in Asian History and Philosophy from USIU. Since he first showed an interest in photography as a child, Peterson has been interested in the dynamics of vision and cognition and how they translate to photography. He explores the essentials of his medium from light and color, to time and space, while offering a rich visual experience to the audience. For him, an artist is the person with the discipline to engage with a world overwrought with stimuli: "Art is analytic. It's being in tune. It's being able to walk into chaos and being focused and filtering out all the other distractions that are going on around you because you have practiced that."

Lee Peterson's artworks envelop the thoughts of its viewers, and this can be attributed to his dynamic compositions and technique. Focusing on the power of perception, Peterson's works simultaneously challenge the audience on a visceral and intellectual level and call into question their subjective experience of the world. As psychologist Pam Kelly has said: "He is a man on a search and following his path of discovery is guaranteed to enlarge the world each of us now knows."

Since winning Best of Show at the 1966 San Diego Film Festival, Peterson has been featured around the world including the Federacao Portguesa de Actividades Sumarminas in Lisbon, Portugal; the Stanley J. Sadler Gallery in Shreveport, LA; the Brockway Gallery in Cour d'Alene, ID; Studio 8 in Kalispell, MT; the American Club in Hong Kong and the Oceanside Museum of Art-By The Sea 2004 and Focus on Oceanside in 2010. In addition, he is a nominee in the 2009 Prix de la Photographie, Paris and 2nd place winner in the category of Surrealism in the Art of Rome 2008. His first award for Global Art was in 1967 when he won the Golden award in Mondo Somerso, Rome, Italy. His latest work, Global Art continues to explore cognition, memory and spatial perception and familiarity through the visual and thematic device of the sphere.

He is an Image Specialist currently supporting many manufactures with their digital imaging systems. Lee has led the industry in sensor development and calibration. He assisted in the development of color tables for a company called Silicon Beach that had a product like Apple's MacDraw and MacPaint with several innovations of its own. Silicon Beach which was acquired by Aldus in 1990, and Aldus in turn by Adobe Systems in 1994 Lee Peterson lives and works in San Diego and is the owner of a commercial studio facility known as the San Diego Photodistrict where other photographers also have their studios.